Tuesday, July 20, 2010


fourty-four □, more ferrari,
micromultiplicity, why dint? why
dont you just let me go?,
hyperconcentration, multiplicities
of multiplicities, writing things out,
i love you or whatever, speakwriter,
articut, then folding, no mad,
lost saliva, like style?, the science
of multiplicities, interstrata,
highgrading, metastrata, flysch,
assemblaging, name tag: you’re
it!, turna round, holding me
against me, supposed to want,
who i happen to be being,
not i anymore, prerogative,
will not understand me,
anti-botanist, unenthusiasm,
pink drifts, destroy you and
then hate you for what you have
become, marker-of-the-examinations,
self-loading, mothar, old bill
said, flyer art, not what i,
may day! may day!, could be you
up there with all them, make
me drink, be there?, ! cansailed,
maybe if i had a big computer,
didn’t even know where i was heading,

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