Sunday, July 18, 2010

"the sphere of the rhizome"

out of the blue & into the black,
crossover point, all gap, plan
for the future: plan for the future,
ate candidly, refuse to wear the
nametag, not, the empty chair
beside you, mounting preparations
, community feeding, one makes
oneSelf other, kills osiris by
trickery, a piece of food into her
mouth, conversing with the plants,
expires with this, using pussy
and shunyatta in the same
sentence, hook them in, sample
copy, bigger number, research
matter, changing editorial
hands, trying to get rid of it,
moanemes, plan(n)ing, words
& things, asemiosis, asignification,
a consistency, the sphere of the mind,
the sphere of the machine, the sphere
of the rhizome?, a chord, check
the recycle box for interesting
material, cash for upgrades,
the litter(ature) box, tortula
muralis, tamarisky, semper
viva!, just high a cynth, the
kybosher!, some kinda way
outta here, mucked it u p,

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