Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"joja" & "hyperconcrete"

grot, just say no to the world, apato,
joja, reality whack, acne novelty, a zine
called hazmat, chip it out with typer,
poor little dead thing, dürer’s rhino,
expectin jam, the reason why is for the
future, the sort of books that sell by
the ton, air spike, manipulate your
money, serving coffee to babies,
fortunately we just had our mind
twisted up by this, where’s the crime
i don’t see the crime, lost property
tag, intuitive art, you are eligible
for one hundred thousand dollars,
blank junk, defecations, scary dolls,
first you pay then you win, wriong,

and on thru time we go, duplication
of rare, hob skib, eternal orgasm,
rubberburner, bobob, one remembers
the dead, strange messages, ossd,
how’s my perception, gutter mantra,
use the form once then discard it,
shred now, myoptic, continually
horrifies elitist, metacomix,
how much acid did you take,
ended up in a van, hyperconcrete,
give it a piss, kenney dam, flooding
villages, gridtales, hypergraphics,
rabbit pilsner, batting, you ought
to not, art times, dernablou, the
sign-system of language, undermetal
ground, mes voeux, you chose it,

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