Sunday, May 08, 2011


near life experience, multiple
change ink, out control, from
one danger item to another, down
from the desert, as we approach
broach, the blacklight zapper,
another zone of time (the same,
making notes counter fit, trance
corder, creaking alongside,
wordless realm, waiting for
reality to take hold, some light
text, in warm water with five
hundred other people, a momentary
word, inner lecture, a beautiful fly, er,
where is that feel?, driving as in
crazy, the word gap, one way trance
fix, and then a word, how time ticks,
there is no alter, the text we can’t
make out, knees, ego doggerel?,
registering things,
resisting, the world sans bar-code,
(short?) change the world!, be on
tear, puttin’ the eyebrows on it,

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