Thursday, May 05, 2011


of a egg, insightly, lacking confident,
as good as the same, the utter side,
weaving down the trees, garbaging,
of course it exists, trance ponder,
distraction fletch, nevermind
(bollix, records circulating,
whichever is less, equal to sequel,
shopping cart full of bottles
rattling down back alley,
marrage, resisted patronage,
original ill, the hecitating
pure chaser, i like this fount,
saint ranger, proof that one
is a fool, cooking up a book,
hardly knowit, i-know-who-that-is,
pages that have never been
turned, locomotive in the air,
losing the english race, me
mentos, a supply of an artificial
eye, rain on the float, person
reality, blodding a thous-
&, blood pressure cooker,
i have one exactly similar,
walking on ice to increase
your acumenation, dancing
in the bomb shelter, no story
to tell?, thanks to our sponsors,
feeding winter, capitalizing
on decapitation, unopened ledder,

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