Sunday, May 15, 2011

3 more

this is the thing itself, & no
ideas but in things, so, when
you are online where are the
ideas?, you can’t just suddenly
start talking after all this
gibberish, let’s make love, this
little thing will be worth a
mint, tending towards disaster,
present and accounted for, just
this one thing and this too,
text to reside in one singular
location, now you have hit the
big time, when the line start,

why would anyone want the
pendulum to swing so far into
chaos?, the chaotic pendulum
is not a perpetual motion
machine, let’s go and leave
language to its own devices,
turning butterflies into
better butterflies, old fashion
computer font, please don’t
mention the word dildo, cathers,
when i’m gone this will speak
for me, maybe today will be the
day the text breaks loose,

drang means dragon drawing, the
concrete meter, financial blank,
temp us fugitive, this text could
be put up on the web, fluxus
nations, nobody is going to read
this either, okay no more moose
jokes, now we are writing about
this little tiny thing, if the
paper is too blank it is of no
use, actually better not try to
read this all, a little blank
never hurt nobody, weed time,
well the sun can’t shine for
ever, if the text is done,

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