Friday, May 13, 2011

a lot of stomach

a trance crypt of gold, speed
control volume, black gold,, peak speak,
not taking hold, losing alot in the other
channel, half & half or something, semi-
trance, compromed?, pulled the drug
out from under, decafitated, the half-
heard word, glide life, up on the divide,
remember when it was the other way
around, it’s all downhill from here,
re: dearth, it’s not kicking in,
compromised, sending pennies, afool
aloof, elf nerve, alice inside, it’s
not poison! it’s just bad coffee!,
no more magic bullets, don’t think
we can stomache much more of this,
the molecule we are after,
trance ex, word to word, in
trance it, not counting the
production of the, can’t hear a
word we’re saying, drive on
the rumble-strip, with a cap
handy, text where there was
none, it’s time you stopped
(this, them’s all in this stress,
it’s all this world to get her, a
little further down the
line, the bedrock showing thru,

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