Thursday, May 26, 2011

"AH64A" & "taphephobia"

are you calling my writing garbage,
this image looks pornographic to me,
lula, two dollar dinner, what is
holding still, why do we want to
publish the draft, ten years
either side, hijk, gang of thug
artists, sometimes we don’t feel
like reading every word, a preclude,
the ah-sixtyfour-a apache, who
was peeples, your memory might
be faulty, these are just
non-signifying scraps, set the
bar lower, this is what you
call objectionable material,

breaking the law is breaking the
law, calgary cambridg, zackerman,
defective copy, all that an eight
and a half by eleven can be,
taphephobia, knocking on every
door, thirteen thirty-five comox,
chercheur, ceased generating,
tractor perfs, brooklyn ohio, you
never understood what you were
agreeing to, pink with black
hairs, a nice piece of glass,
could be e o, corbox,

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