Monday, May 02, 2011


add a place, confecting, thru the
gates, what a dream machine is,
textual gates, is this align of prose
or regular writing?, moiré eel,
variious spelling, non-communicado,
this cancon mexaco, xylophone
with a zed, pick no lepsy, the
parasite of writing, almost no
differance, differencer, draw
one out of the hat, time shown,
the life of cars, taped all the
doors shut, retain this trance,
meaning of pager, slipped the
bond, the wild things are here,
big city swallow, reillustrate,
absolute white out, rush must
arrive, new recruits, how can
you be working if you don’t
have a job?, coming at it
from another direction, make
an amazing journey, voices
without faces, dream in
white only, persona prejecta,
by morons for morons, what
choice do we have? we have
every choice in the universe,
invest in tragedies, the
right so to speak, an enter-
tain of the mirror, artic toc,

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