Thursday, May 19, 2011


i think it has already turned, marmor,
resolves the problum, something in
acryllic letters, listen to the first
chword, more chutney, find back,
underground A test conducted by
rush ya, a computer program to
churn them out, text no, electronic
apparatus, puffy covers, for the
millions, one of fifteen thous-
and, typewriter depression, the
thru bin, see body?, judge a cover
by its look, big print, bookmark with
don’t quit inspirational poem
abandoned at page thirteen, pamela
flett, disposable words, none in
canada, some place in china, to
find the man you scrip & its hidden
treasons, for immediate release,
my’s throw, nobody’s notices,
nobody’s reviews, nobody is
released, all pages of this
trance, disorganizer, be
longings, you bin shelfed!,
somebody coughed, ducks under
the surface, cancel competence,
self disconnect, one thing get
you thru, the part about the
fish, nextism, four of course,
had fun reading again & again,
the misses, at least his teeth
aren’t perfect, beady yellow eyes,

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