Tuesday, May 17, 2011


still to go, lose the whole house, graf battle-
grounds, composition of moments, reset!,
this track(ted, exp(i)res(s), the two,
anti-zac, where’s that honey?, bin meaning,
be a very, zine oh, there’s a mcdonald’s
on the nuclear aircraft carrier, gray
kangaroo, and a pest i am, re: spondees,
poetry info, read aloud, split the stock
pile of books, all oh phone, as if!,
outside of practice, the unmedia,
my trance-lation, pull stay, we
here, levied, ninja intentions, this
is not real paper, read together, the
arbitrary act, name calling, no fridge,
what’s with the chickens?, looking for
tish, IMIALIBA, leaning from
the steep slope, where does
language lie?, every single page,
his x, nobody is listening, former
events, maga, crosspiling, let me
speak, won’t let me speak, winned her
is over, reminded me of, giving it all
a way, also, b’ehl, spiring too, old
look, never break up, saw ya on the
shelf, see again, silkscream,
think yourself clear, the point of
not, the still point, of no return, that
is the point that must be reached, & writing
is a form of prayer, &the blue octave above,

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