Wednesday, May 18, 2011


fix nothing, being practice,
blood loop logo, post-comp,
white soup, indicate reality,
the left blank, yankee canuck,
y-boocs, the time it takes to
fly, san pedro, concrete was
eclipsed by hand, the political
uses of white-space, wallworks,
hyper-competetive, interior
ecologies, canary-yellow fedora,
a scanner darkly, a cleanly
typed piece of literature,
shocking images, a network
error occurred, run what ya
brung, scanner bed, making
waves too big, save thirty
cents on a loaf of bread,
microtax, a tip of the vinyl
hat, lokas, algorithmic
poetry, cuntenance, imp
primed, shoulder art, is
this a seven or a one, the
train wreck of capitalism,
agrarianism, van there built,
emerson circle a hundred,
the southern mafia, push

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