Monday, May 23, 2011

"ahimsa" & "widemouth jenny"

clarisworks, dismantled his
bookshop, the rise which you fall
from, it’s still saturday night,
are we still descanting, paper
never mailed, twenty-four dollar
bill, this little flutter can
never fly, i think there’s moose
across the lake, origami
replika, while visiting the moss,
the windhole, ahimsa abaddon,
render useless, fans of bad
productions, metroschifter,
render insane, you know who
loves you, one for cutting,

if paper could speak, widemouth
jenny, twenty white dollars,
random chat, cap beetles, emate,
seven thousand tickets, are we
buying or selling, this one has
your name on it, and so does this
one, when smelly smile, there
hardly even was such a person,
orolf, in your neatest handwriting,
always indicate a little
information, replicate it out
to fill the page, perhaps these
creases mean something, this
edge signifies scissors, magic
blank, you’ve seen one blank,

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