Wednesday, May 11, 2011

zelly & adytum

is helen here, not quite enough
resolution to make out the words,
maybe it is time to reread the,
how far back are we, zisimatos,
do you have any of these left,
zelly, what doubt, index to
unknown, still stone, free dead
weight, are you on face, into
the hands of fools, i’m wiley
e coyote, collectable literature,
everyone asks about the key, if
we had free postage, any idiot
can paint, repeat chunk, why
would you need a hundred,

a postcard from the post office,
the poutine into discourse, coil
trap tropical, lathi, this coupon
expired ten years ago, swive,
daimon dreamt, moss campion,
stan is not a word, leet rete
teel, sec, einptuy, loper prole,
dgiilor, carinal cranial,
ectosarc twibil adytum
degijoy, jeed, ravings and
cravings, virtue schmirtue,
i am not connected to nothing,
identity tiny diet, don’t
forget to recycle backer,

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