Wednesday, May 25, 2011

if you made a geodesic dome big enough...

trance for ex, we’re excited!,
dust off the swing line, mad
law, as a man, looking for your
self: finding others, trance
font, walked right by it, tan
& black, make your own
geodesic dome (float away,
crazy pattern (stare at it too
long, raised ink, methodologism,
speak english!, print large,
never bother to read it,
comma splice, the more you
desire the more you lack,
these are us, subservience to
means, the going rate of going
, and not thru mere cleverness,
reads twice, poem of the
day, night-thots, full page
spread, imp printed at,
i need a moss, shelfing it,
folio?, the book of the dead
weight, sold a lot more than
were ever read, books that
changed our lives, trading
places one, treadle engine,
balance temp, amid the
profound darkness, the iron
door of the prison is suddenly
opened, love’s story, spine
fine, reading each other’s,

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