Saturday, May 21, 2011

"scugog" & "ghettoblaster"

is there some reason you are
refusing to sign, any unborn
issue, scugog, this is a shell
game, the children’s lawyer,
in her personal capacity,
saint afford, ten year old
elastic band in fine shape, on
the books, you are never going
to see a penny, liquidation
value calculation,
nassagaweya, a place on the
earth, a chunk of land,
shall survive closing, you
never went to the tea,

the ghettoblaster bulldozer,
kiss each page as thou turns it,
june zero, nothing shady, bentfork,
key key axe, a rollercoaster ride
from one letter to another,
hammer and tooth, splay pig,
kiss fuck kill, i-beam falling,
unbentspoon, money buffer,
maimart, postal bulldozer,
did the e drop, how does the
voodoo work, it was kinda
sketchy, all the books lined up
so neat, g-scissors, by eye word
by ear word, gunshot or firecracker,

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