Sunday, May 22, 2011


the uses of black & white,
surfing the papernet, really
today?, material type, the
all-in-one solution, caught reading
it in public, four (supernumary!
play, burn ‘em!, just because
i am looking at poetry doesn’t
mean i am reading it,
eyebrowsage, the same font,
this cheezy text home-made,
ample indeed, anything for
publicity, if it wasn’t for
masturbation, flatten out,
dots on the paper, double
cider, four words stand in for
thousands & thousands, on
everybodies bookshelf, do not
write in this box, no magpies,
abbraviation, his brother is
involved in auto racing, &
a little paper butterfly came
fluttering out, everybody’s
reading, spelled rong on the
spine, reproduced by courtesy,
numbah one national best cellar,
everybody has red blood, the
eye does not think, but oon?,
just read it never, page
stay bulled to get her, what
word are you looking for?,

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