Monday, May 30, 2011

"sko" & "declerambault’s syndrome"

nothing but penstrokes, urn street,
click out twenty-two, you don’t
expect us to read all these bitty
words do you, rust is beautiful,
art actual, what does scrubby
mean, tract at us, sko, a cluster
of reasons, businessing, the
futile muck, how many times
must we dive to the bottom,

has this come out as a book yet,
declerambault’s syndrome, utter
trance, fell together, lack of want
to, which way does the text go, art rate,
the text lables itself idiotic, some
things are beyond your control wizard,
amenifesto, runtime daydream, print
it nice, the gang is always already
the gang, reinforcement fingerprint,
microscansion, nothing carries
weight, nothing is fluctuating,
duplication anxiety, guzzle blues,
you don’t give credit here, duplidot,
e-meat, verglas, one has the thing
itself in hand, is this the way we
used to talk, ventured out,

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