Monday, May 16, 2011

"west coast wiccan & warlock poetry"

each individual page, this rocky heap
of nasty moss, sensitive-is-as-
sensitive-does grade of late modern
west coast wiccan & warlock poetry,
spillover words, not represented,
a blank space where the faces
of the audience should be, sees
his to be, what passes thru the
tuff filter, return to same area,
an embarrassing word (spelling?,
patterning, main ever, seem
a zine, on a monday schedule,
the word bazoombas comes to
mind, not touch that one, you
already know what is being
said, falser, i’m further
future, nary a word, other
trance later, somthing
holding company, thru who’s
eye?, nothing uncommon toget-
her, mint conditioning, one
should be knowing, bell the
cat, not necessarily a lie, we
encourage you to recycle
this product, chinese
acupressure points for
pruritus vulvae, thinking
in, the sun in oslo rises too,
the oily gray all, tiger way is,

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Anonymous said...

glad i never had that itch.