Friday, May 20, 2011

"caporal" & "holus"

la grossesse, what were you
thinking when you made this,
smear off, we can’t seem to get
at the meaning, thinking precedes
doing precedes thinking, aaff,
let me try the sweet caporal,
playing card designer, we are
all underwater here, e feed e,
enn street, from the first to
the nth, the banality dance,
ratway, are you seriously
interested in emotion, you
can’t say don’t say is without
saying is, nacs, ctual, signgis,

and bears do shit in the woods,
il, if there’s only one it ain’t a
copy, the ink continues to bleed,
manyfaces, why would you want
to get back, swarm of staples,
and what’s your escape plan,
snake emerging from asshole,
whitch weighs north, locus
solus holus bolus, she la cops,
a chicken fired at three
hundred miles an hour, i thot
it was and that said that,
pagemill, i’m looking at ‘m
right now, fold for emphasis,

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