Thursday, January 31, 2013


i spent sixty cents on you, horre,
ahoj, bainbridge georgia, y, roy
alabama, lil, lithochrome trash,
just keep babbling, whammu, note
all the little swastikas, sapper,
microformats, florachology,
concrete inversion, operation
cornflakes, the ohio grassman,
deveria, up-island, burnt
rubber stamps, omb cluster,
metalepsis, culturalization,
dedifferentiation, cultural
resistance, the feminization
of superexploitation,
disneyfication, geoculture,
americanization, not sure
where this piece of fluff
came from, mixpelling,
working our way down and
back, there ain’t gonna be
no next time, magnet schools,
borderlands-of-science, not
even hoping for any mail,
spend the rest of your life
playing chess,

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