Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MAR 21 2008, 10:30 pm


1) exactly one year ago
1) cog dis cog dat
1) plans we planned that never came to fruition
1) hoping for a little downtime
1) you left a note for me, i left a note for you
1) busy being excluded
1) here: you asked for it, you got it
1) Buddha images clustered
1) did you read it thru to the end? begin again
1) i heard you on the radio when i was inside
1) just missed being caught up in a huge wreck
1) how’s about i pee right into your mouth?
1) it’s a fuckin’ lottery
1) never heard what you thot
1) judgment has been passed
1) maybe someday they will be singing your praises
1) up it, puppet!
1) why would you cut up such beautiful paper?
1) no bookmark means…
1) getting back in the postal loop
1) chaolin
1) mint condition means…
1) surely you could afford a couple stamps, no?
1) art makes us panic
1) this is like real writing here
1) randoms
1) did you send me this or…
1) an opportunity to connect
1) you could use this
1) money is not a miracle

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