Wednesday, March 02, 2011


the fibres of the paper, op,
the so & so combine, ice dildo,
welcome to book lank, deem again,
cyberia, trance for the information,
manweb, sing finger ink, high
imp act, taking the lid off,
the grapeline, two zero zero
zero, eye fail to see the
difference, she erased it,
pod doppler, comp art mental
eyes, for specialists only?, p or
n?, imp ed eye meant, labial
derivatives, potent shall,
the part we couldn’t read,
utter print, actual human
effort, stand out later,
coomie, just play until,
real times, strange reasons,
foist things foist, finally
find what we bin looking
for, here’s some gilt, marr
kit ears, burst up on the
seen, inch eeny us, liquor
representative, slab of
newsprint, how far in
is it necessary to go?, just
another outlet, done before
we were born, turn the
page back, blowointment,

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