Thursday, March 24, 2011

20/20 Mind's Eye

where was eye will be, is it not obvious?,
the lasting i said, the temp is getting
laid, bare thee mind, see it again
i’ll swear, the beist & the wereist
are yet to come, words don’t seem to
have much effect on me, inspiral
carports, unit of four, imp less cities,
almost one mined, damn i was hoping
to get laid this summer, for last
night?, twenty twenty mind’s eye,
this cold frame, this pseudo-green-
house, let them stay!, have you tried
going under?, them king of view,
scrypts it, we are going to press
here, out war, the effort that
would be involved, mail poser,
on their way out, can’t you read
this to yourself?, are you going
to inter the contest?, practically
intelligent, time of being real,
keep these things together,
filed away at life’s prison bars,
geeist, a unik, refunct(ion, will
be doing, trade you something
back, this we are in, bulking
out, booking off to write,
redpeace, ate the floor, just
in breath, how about all this ink?
rust of trust, go to the very heart,

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