Monday, March 28, 2011


popposites, a happening of truth, uncanny general essences, counter-common sense, higher education curricula, text established by, bundling, bed-courtship, a bundling board, amish software, big black hats, because that’s just the way it is, sprezzatura & mediocrita, enamored with the heroic connotation, wunderkammer, the cornerstones of cultural invention, fake thinking, cornerstones of humanism creativity, joke grenade, changes confronting higher education, an avant-garde sociologist, moules maliques, perception analysis, paranormal mailboxing, open-gym volleyball, waiting for bird, nothing’s lost that can’t be found, coming at me with a mirror, cognitive distortions versus cognitive dissonance, power garb, cell phone off, oilsands head count, bp laydown entrance, kiss & drop, as long as you think you’re happy, voicebird birdvoice, driver’s union, courier’s union, unrealty, unrealtor,

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