Wednesday, March 23, 2011

golden dirt

aspen egger, skin deep skin deep,
copy for none, you wasted a whole
piece of paper to say nothing, the
wise and the wherefores, somehow
maintaining integrity, the only
one left is long gone, the ghost of
the dragonfly, golden dirt, at least
this might copy well, the worst
quality availible, able ible able,
this text has already been processed,
sport work, june enuf, unintent,
actually hand over a bit of
paper, shakespeare are you still
there, note folds, suitable ible
for auctioning, did you feel
that, now it has become one again,
ignore the illedgable, tell me we
are still in touch, tell me we
still have something going, puppets
moved by no strings attached,
the original resides in cyber-
space, a cleaner textprint, what
will ever come of nothing,
glamourpussy, scratch!, indix,
skip to the bitter end, a
rubberstamp that says a
rubberstamp that says, saint
rage, jesus got his come-uppance,
sink to, the genius of hell,
our bite, gold hap, nothing

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