Monday, March 07, 2011

snailmail net

give up hope all ye who enter here,
flexible paint, pagina van, don’t
remember, five oh four oh eight,
never say every, whatevery,
repubberic, we don’t have time to
read any free brochures, citation
needed, snailmail net, penny front,
there’s no money in peace, peacework,
what do we have to do with you,
riverspine, jazz ufu, busy being
a duck, you don’t need and,
bitewing, array of random
numbers, real name chinese,
from gina to gino and back,
tip pit, vee eye oh dee, maniac
dentist, return of nature,
willing to sign anything, we are
running out of credibility,
they take away your cell, the
wonderful thing moment, on
a vacation without kids,
cornerstone oranges, som,
get your brain in the place
of forgetting everything,
poutinize, noforn, enjoy the
disaster, just about the time
we start to arrive, collage
yourself a winner, theory
solves nothing, leaze,
filiers, the genius of,

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