Sunday, March 27, 2011


go for the salmon colour, the machine has come between you and
your art, belone belone, allow caps, scratch notes from love
letters, odds are you will never see this bit again, let all
the light enter your, the ink refill costs twice as much as
the printer itself, enelores, ink resistant, room enough for
all, all all all, not sure if it’s the ink or the printer but,
crows of one kind or another, your printer is off line, the
chocolate enema, opposition is true friendship, a peanut thrasher,
potlikker, cakecutter, signalism, no big thing, the von neumann
bottleneck, it looks as if the letters were cut out of cardboard
and are casting a shadow, fix it now, fix it, fix it, fix it,
trying to find your way out of the art world, is this north
atlantic right whale for real, rainette grillon, tortue luth,
we are the new revolutuon, we need a spinning pit, all the time
the top was spinning, port land or gone, chug the soya sauce,
does this seem like archaic text to you, now where the hell are
we going, keep your eye out for the finish pencil line, nothing
doesn’t exactly grow on trees you know, everything in la,
oinopticon, learning the code would do you no good, why i owe
ess, black blockages, black two-thousand-and-one, this was
information, yes everything is all good, require digging, the
non-typographic area is getting more interesting, love takes
us over the line,

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