Friday, March 18, 2011

"spend days chanting"

at least it is recyclabile, cut
yourself short, ear room ate,
air is still, a book? made of plastic?
, dinner dues, the empty cave,
thrower outer, the person who
invented the names, afore ya
know, turns within, you dent
that will make, pay yap, spend
days chanting, make them yer
own, ex-boss, saving saying,
a full solid, the original better
thing, reading bawdily language,
no spicier poem pome was ever
copyright, years from now in
special collections, who’s ahhhh?,
the production way, still wrong,
actual tire prints, the part
where the words get all jumbled
together, one word or three?,
start at zed and work backwordz,
suitable for framing frame,
space not filled, try & set her
universe in order, daze roar,
exposing it changes it, s lightly,
down loading, sort of sixty
intentions, some sort of records,
better use faster, youse, only
so many thousand, graffic
traffic in images, sane as i
am, never even bothered to read
them, want to be finging, hey
that’s me!, it’s not the hole thing,

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