Friday, March 11, 2011


sport futility vehicle, crossmorph,
subminimality, obxectual, puppets
moved by no strings, brunge, food
for literature, aie, ecomog,
macromania, miracidium, paraprax,
semirotic, delete contact, rossing,
building up a body of text, may
die, the process of changing the
process, guid gift, qiuk, apogeum,
representational looking, tried
to fuck the xerox machine,
lowered imagistic standards,
quik-kopy krap, collation
pup, lifestyle-as-art, marginal
media, the rectal eye, thirty-six
-six –six pages, baby blue van,
ascites, colour copier collages,
are these considered boards,
horse commerce, phish bawls,
cease and desist art, rubble
creature, this text is just
an act, exida, cough up for
ephemera, sylvo, what year is
this, if it’s folded different
it’s a variant, government
supported poetry zine, it’s
not dirt it’s soil, panarchy,
keep it in your mouth, you
wanted some, but it took
ten years to get it, persent,
this is where you wanna be,

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