Tuesday, March 29, 2011

kilims & imp reasons

kilims, cypher-zeitgest, the exalted company of the hip, tawdry orange, orange rope, a cluster of international supercomputers, rivest shamir adleman, public-key cryptosystem, sistrum, dihydrotestosterone, snuggle bunnies, blood concrete, blank structure, low-res media, estridentistas, humorous engagement characterized, network mentality, theatocracy, rejet, limens, sociopoetic,

imp reasons, a small photocopy of
a painting, whincing pommes, this
jpeg is suitable for any occasion,
column business, keep going until
you find love and then keep
going, wrote beat, how does this
look to a russian eye, i love my
friend, pitter patter still at ‘er,
is this meant to represent
something, dada is all over the
place, surrealist-autodidakt,
the day cheney got indicted,
yells: move it a centimeter to
the right, three white stripes,

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