Friday, March 25, 2011


a foundation of garbage, chinook
regular, say it regular, morph yourself,
no we are flying, time pen, location
solo, money is not contact, the
substitute crown, dna barcodes, the
hum of characters and events,
hippie turned corporate executive,
to catch the human element, trance
for data, this is not me but this is
us, seven come eleven, blog as power
tool, big picture money, money for
nothing, you are standing there
drunk, all this food will go to
waste, do you know where you are,
if we could only convince the
silicon, remitter order name, know
your wrongs, fuck the postal code,
chipson, this little bit o’paper, pen
testing area, pretty damned fucked,
unitude, loligoth, aramidopsis
plateni, metanoia, enantiodromia,
fakellaki, shabka, tempeh, one
felt fat, sandarac, virtually a
virtuoso, dot snell dot, bring your
rubberstamps, mows her home,
whole choke, motherhome, it ain’t
the ink, you are a hundred, the
day you turned forty, this is
where we are being now, crappy
copy, clicking into obscurity,
do you prefer legible or
illegible writing,

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