Wednesday, March 30, 2011


favourite machine out of order, imp
out, a note on the font, feasible
world, we are tired of upgrading
all the time: what say we downgrade
for a change?!, time to write it,
a two six, beyond seeing, sesk
mern viex, some of the worst
writing we have scene, some-
body told us it was good, jade
for the jaded, all that black,
why are we eating apples from
half way around the world when
we have perfectly good apples in
our own backyard?, he builded
better than he knew, is that good
english?, let this be the last,
post-last, the thing in, strange
objectification, how am i suppose
to read this? it’s not in my
language, net art, in ability to
sort of, dis sort, being whom?,
unprotected whistle ears, get
concern, abducted by my
father, you will be reading
whether you want to or not,
why the burn the whole heap,
emphasis on the reader, we
together, inkinherater, all
the garbages are full, xim,

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