Monday, March 21, 2011


infinicity, down for a change, trust go,
having a bit of trouble figuring
out what is going on, the music of
the phrase, chch?, we are entering
a frames environment, a lifetime
supply of heroin, anarchistic plots
to ruin the world, need a magnifying
glass to read the union label, make
it more personal, green greed,
red bled, no punchline, as if we
had no history, last week already,
still walking, sit up and take
note, mo’ gumbo, bush party!,
dog the sents, i want half!, if
you have a bin, everybody seems
to have one, its all taking place
across the water, there is your
where, mostly disturbing, seek
out incorporate funding, not
hinge charm, the cleanest
streets in the nation, payn,
fuck the iambic pentameter,
borin’ into the world, here’s
today!, nothing ever happens
today, lost touch found, wants
eleven dollar bills and you
only got ten, enter warp
& weft speed, not calling
you doctor any more, infinito,

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