Wednesday, March 16, 2011

dated material reality

vacuum up bag, the attention
shifts, you can’t resist defacing,
they know everything you buy,
kick a min, you don’t expect me
to repeat that do you, leed,
ufafabrik, each human cranium,
infills, a historic event or
condition, a fuckery,
meganarrative, tat twam asi,
sigmoidoscopy, ask and you shall
receive more than you asked for,
join this text to that text and
high-dee-ho, the balkonry, re:
vich, what does your face want
from us, i am separated, zept
ember, you am, poeted, toner
overflow, inpersonal, the end is
well under way, the text is
starting to break up, dated
material reality, the actual
concrete, balkic, i thot we
decided, we weren’t going to
write like this anymore,

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