Saturday, March 26, 2011


my imput, or imp heeding the flow,
not advertizing for giant, unwater-
marked, no gumbo coughing, think
itself into existence, some kind
of riddle, different sort method,
more than words, gravix, eminent
useability, a trace of the trace,
booklet found blowing around in
the street, this tractor, these
tracters, this doesn’t have staples
in it either, it glitters around,
only a few people can read &
books are precious, tome four,
goldenmouth, sea is for con-
fusion, dee is for dichotomy,
dee is for disentangle, rescue
from the recycle, these people
will be disappearing, finding
out how the word works, people
who place value in the writ,
ink colour, blankity blank blank!,
the written word as a weapon,
somebody needs to figure out
reed me, very charming years
from now in quotation marks,
thot the sun, containing
supernovas, contents under
pressure, didn’t we all ready
dispose of this?, falling out,

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