Sunday, March 13, 2011

blank imagery

gold gilt, the letters will temporarity,
jack up the prices just in time for the
may long, riotisseries, shikiji, don,
nothing sour about it, nothing is
changing into something, groundhog
is on strike, demand a response,
precursor to the cursor, i want to
talk to your supervisor, motor
spirit, cheese select, it is unlawful
to reproduce it, except in the free-
zone, we gotta logo, no solicitors
or barristers, chainbridge lease-
holds, put on your chinos, it’s
nineteen eighty-three, might never
make it back, the denials team,
consider yourself a resource, copy
first then mail, a year-round
playboy, smiling vendetta,
desperation works, pulse code
modulation, quantizing, the
negation of space, negated space,
impassioned dropout, blank
imagery, echidna, lodgers,
anthelminthic, capias executions,
lodgers, questionary,
defecation-art, para-institutions,
lifestyle artist, anartistic,
a banana artist, popporn, in effect
a continuous happening,

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