Wednesday, March 09, 2011

"the system is down"

abandoned text, the system is
down, not word, the ancien
machine, encompassing the
encompassing, no electronics
involved, this still has potential,
taxes sex at, can’t be many
originals, we all kowtow to the
eye’s desire, the hard cell we’re
in, a little rough around the
edge but, ain’t nothin’ free,
not sticking around for the,
the joy of yes, free are refer,
everything we try to say goes
astray, potlatcher, polartics,
this imp press ion, lucent
trance sheets, cloth paper,
the current what?!, hipper
text, applex sider, without
nothing, nonpublication,
listen up! i’m only gonna
say this once!, shard texts,
the machine wasn’t working,
this ink orp, make eye contact
with your audience (poke!),
why toque eh? (cuz it’s cold!),
we’re not feeling very
communicative, ping!, how
we read something depends
so much on our state of mind,

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