Saturday, March 12, 2011


the wrong paper anyway, this
trance the text, more potlatch
than potluck, reeferential,
not circular: spiral!, disabuse
you, disguise teet, becoming
a monk saint, spandtext,
dreampussy, fastforwarding,
paper on the brain, produced
only as needed, temptorary
situationism, what does this
have to do with u$?, trance by?
, let’s try another channel,
larding the text with
echos, self-trance parent,
trance zen the rung, art
city zen, aesthetic non-
differentiation, the author’s
mind mail, reproduction is
interpretation, insubmissive
, can ban text, nonsense,
unlistenable, copt-out,
mutter clutter, nietzsche-
marketing, counter-
communication, cacograffiti,
no metameaning, only
rereading, the same &
new, don’t let it mean that,

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