Tuesday, March 22, 2011


erect poets, paper specifications, if
you move this bit of paper from
here to there you go to jail, qnt,
feeling fat, it’s a fine line
between east and west, drunken
emissary, one is merely a cardholder,
the cream of the scum, ansi, rather
write about nothing, bankers haul,
flowing brick, what do you want
with this garbage, artistic detrivore,
blue cancel, this was right now
yesterday, textile stadium, mass
ornament, handicraft and camp
exaggeration, the cream of the
coming-a-croppers, my neuroarm,
postage coming out the nose, live
like a pigeon, how can you not love
this shit, permanently lost in the
text, might be worse a revisit, pen
time, gestures with hand, actually
writing the flood, sunnyside
up, soo five hundred, what does
the purple comb sidereality, the
tape seems to have obliterated
the ink, you can read the rest
of this later, use your money
crowbar, didn’t we already
write this, poetry begging bowl,
chawls, popular settlements,
squatters’ networks, autonomous
do-it-yourself politics, a
life of reinvention, master’s
tools, sankofa, soledada,

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