Thursday, March 10, 2011

lucida bright

work is truth, photocopier lazy,
peek at the eye, elfenbein, nothing
pong, art with gun, rollball, art
will make you free, dadaer,
déserteurs, acid has been dropped,
above evoba because, trees
exploding up from the earth,
elimen, tonermere, warhammer,
trance quill, zweikanalpumpe,
total liquidation, doodle me a
noodle, neverywhere, painting
repetitions, paper bag boom,
pin the art on the artist, oh clear,
right-about-face, concrete nous,
tal, return flag, collection of
dustjackets, detach here, re
cursor, pronounce schedule,
poor leonard, pesky hymen,
cluster flies, no-till, high
wasted genes, churrasqueira,
kiwa hirsuta, kha-nyou, poppy
coin spy device, personality
genes, curiosity gene, decology,
group pisser, soundie, suicide
food, endocolonization,
dissonance theory, buttonhole
surfers, hey come on eating,
maypoem, wordpad, holism,
telepistemology, fossick,

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