Tuesday, March 08, 2011

eye before e- except after see

sinking in may, buying actuality,
the ditto forward, war caused by
peace, drifting out of reality,
present day writing, do we still
surf, making contact with all
the makers, mind falcon, this is
not even written yet, copies to
become originals, writing twenty-
four hours a day, toontits, you
can’t get to there from here, a
rubberstamp that says omgcb, in
the copy trance, no scare quotes
allowed, acid memory, clear
eye tax versus organized chaos,
peace has to be fought for, are
you one of my people, this blank
is actually a copy, missed a
couple corners altogether, five
copes, cieling kost, now ray, give
this away, service as in knowledge,
eternally copying, in a nothing
trance, oh be deci, oh my god
can’t boo, if this is happiness,
actual information, the spring
of things, it means you have
paid, the twenty years war, i’m
a time idiot, shitting on
company time, itch your pussy,
nirvana report, dominant freak,
you can feel the genuine, fold
it to get it thru the slot,
drop it by the wayside, to,

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