Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"bathroom tennis"

do you really have a free hand,
this writing is about your
absence, when you get desperate
pick up some paper, you may need
to shift position in the real
world, tore head, if the self
is illusory then, how do you
feel about food, receipt for
free transactions, the cracked
eggshell logo, styling,
conciliabule, lat thot, rabid
rabbit, the big maybe, mynthia,
how printed, if i buy the
original can i copy it, certain
on my lips, one had a hand
in, i’m trying to get ahead of
my head, die old man die,
save all of, a usual cluster,
sixty-nine cookie, the regular
cluster, dat caw, banlieue,
quantish, my two favourite
colours, alikily, fragging,
street meat, bathroom tennis,
pseudoanorexia, concrete trees,
e-rights, microfarming,
vernacular typography,
rope-twirling monologist,
slow mosses, viperfish tokers,
fsc, a press operator,
heater string, happy rails,

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