Friday, September 23, 2011

"incoherent scatter"

defecating onto a mirror,
deepworker, microyachting,
pennies galore, paper is for
losers, one single copy, i love
it when the meat is on sale,
wad of semen on paper,
three different blues, art
tan, your art and poetry is only
making your life more difficult,
an impression of the famous
rubberstamp, the late great
christian bök, concrete in
its swerve, to end history in
the city, expanded is
circumferences or haussmann,
the americanization of the
globe, edge cities, enclave
cities, delocalized cities,
immigrant cities, erotic
refuge, the disemployed,
lensed, sasha grey, a screener,
small orange claw hammer,
rodong sinmun, vending
machines that dispense
small chunks of gold,
methoxypyrazines, space
storms, incoherent scatter,
quantum information,

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