Sunday, September 25, 2011

"memory wars"

mācies peldēt!, akmeņraga
bāka, did you use both pinkies or
only one, you don’t let a lot of
people into your heart do you,
twine around each other, just
put a little drip of perfume
in your mailing, sometimes you
just gotta make a splash,
that’s love!, overwhelmitude,
the cognitive and experiential
home, memory wars, the
aesthetic community, social
death, social capital, you
can’t just give, fresh up, if
this is goofy then, note
elevators, who’s yer pal,
regular barber, i seem to
remember reading this at mo,
thirty you say at the end
not the begin, blank glorious
blank, heliochrom, urochrome,
orange with long black
tentacles, i am what i am
and i pm what i pm, kajira,
cymbalta, kerosense, g and
t, luc dep lev luc dep lev,
the only thing not generic,
make an effort to drop as
much paper as you pick up,
why can’t you get this thru,

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