Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"hypermnesia" & "antibotany"

the fold is always already there,
refusing to buy any more paper,
the one symbol acts as a bee and
a pee, piquage de courtepointe,
cyberspace flotsam, a zero model,
the difficulties of exchange,
network building, you don’t know
the meaning of the point of no
return, recognize the source of
the fragment, desubjectify,
ataraxia, this is the original
of the copy we saw, hypermnesia,
you can’t divide letters, you
thot to put a date on one,

stop trying to interpret, enantio,
hamno hobby, airholes, the original
includes meaningful folds,
teletopology, take our test,
zenyatta pussy, antibotany,
suddenly switch from black
to blue, anala, you might want
to compare the copy with the
original, we need to go thru
these texts with a finetoothed
comb, do not alter original,
aka chock, margin too small,
this shift is not apparent,

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