Sunday, September 11, 2011


reality is what you want it to be,
how 7, milk globe cluster, maco,
only the photocopier can give you
a patina like this, nollywood,
environmental missionary,
glaucomys volans, sandoz,
divorced men who are sick of
high-maintenance north american
women, sazerac, herons eyes and
crocodiles, how explain contours,
skytrain, loudhailer, the voices
of the pages, the chance
collisions of word particles,
at the limit of breath, an
exercise in tonal breath
control, hat complex, paper
salvage, one person’s thrills is
another person’s boredom, you
spelled schizophrenia wrong,
an eighth of an inch over
the line, barbed lines of
text, speaking in thongs,
basij, nothing seems to be able
to get thru, inksane, number
seven is free to go, a river
of toner, when we first
started out on this text,
the blot will still signify,
the meaning behind the
blob, undeteriorate,

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