Thursday, September 08, 2011

thou shalt not command

fuck first things, richness in poverty, kotzwarrism, okay we
got some defective paper here, it’s only days later but you
have no recollection, that’s not just any rendition of the word
poem, she’s a carin’ gal, praking for butterflies, we don’t
usually do this, the person who is typing this up, if you could
fucus on the text at hand please, fuck us focus, thou shalt not
command, potato gun, this is gallery quality photocopy, no chaos
please, ruthless when it comes to the dollar, infinite interlocking
networks, the text is leaving the page, can’t quite see how they
are fucking, simple directions you cannot seem to follow, it takes
a modicum of concentration, you want to get the ripple going,
you should receive thirty-six books, nobody will be getting any
fucking books, just keep copying this, toner ghost, feel the no
folds, somewhere along the line: it broke, you need to decide:
original or copy, fetishization of the original, you think of
a rubberstamp impression as an original?, nobody loves that do
they?, doing the swan, okay well this is not ecactly a paperback
book but, e-cack!, do what your told to do and then some, fcz
june solstice, refer to refer, you might wish you never said,
they way the sky develops over the course of the day, we really
need to find the last line of “simultaneously now”, ioi, you
might want to indicate the order before, it’s just a pile of
words, it’s just a pile of words, it’s just a pile of words,
cosmic ink, kaserei gutter, nibiru originals, speaking period,
poem comma, adderall poem, karingal handswork, this anti-
production, prake letters, a very language, on texo, person
restwork, echo-mike joke, people documents, embossed photocopy,
refer her, language might get you thru to, twice-eaten spud,
hmmrian voynich, check check check check check,

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