Tuesday, September 06, 2011

"manju" & "panspermatic"

nibiru, manju, teat grease,
yamete, the creation of wants,
poetrygeist, herbivore men,
eleven crumby cents, when you
can’t afford to buy a toothbrush,
every miracle has an explanation,
extraordinary events – horrendous
crimes, infra-ordinary, ubi sunt,
autonomasia, duckling with orange,
embodied postmodernism, tactile
aesthetics, narrative hunger,
nothing violent, cause / effect
hammering, give good page,
myth rill, mahamudra, pork fit,
maybe we need to start working
from the originals,

speaking of meat, lexapro, mint
real, mooti, impecuniary seduction,
she appears to be offline, the
funemployed, tired of being
seduced, dot fwy, we need seven
groceries, want creation,
succession jack, bit problem,
agoraphilia, your identity keeps
flowing, banana jam, abjection
theory, panspermatic, the dancing
sorcerer, long-threaded moss,
kachkaniraqmi, this to say
should be emphasized,
canadara, you can tell by the
handwriting, softshards, we
are not getting full pages
anymore, twenty-six letters and
the comma period,

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