Friday, September 16, 2011

"nugatory big ben"

the meaning was bad enuf to begin
with, going thru a lot of file
folders, beemster capacalla,
do you enjoy getting gouged, six
hundred miles north of montreal,
hellagood, anti-confession,
incommunicado space, unpersons,
i facing i, this is not a
narrative, albino terrorist,
boere, eyego, struck the hat from
his head, hoodis, glial, orange
seams, webs of moss, rooves cluster,
pedestrianism, ivie todde, the
rage over the lost penny,
gonangia, there is no need to
say all of this stuff, needs
to come down a tick, paper
structure, nugatory big ben,
what is the point of building
if you are going to destroy,
this text needs a certain
amount of blank space beneath
it, nothing happens,

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